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Definition 1:
The relationship that exists between a husband and a wife count noncount see also arranged marriage civil marriage marriage of convenience mixed marriage.

It was his second marriage.
They have a very happy marriage.
Her first two marriages ended in divorce.
She has old-fashioned ideas about marriage.
The institution of marriage
He proposed marriage to his girlfriend. [=asked his girlfriend to marry him]
Couples living together before marriage
They were joined in marriage [=they were married] last year.
They are related by marriage. [=they are related because one of them is married to a family member of the other]
Definition 2:
A similar relationship between people of the same sex count noncount .

A same-sex marriage
Opponents/supporters of same-sex marriage
Gay marriage
Definition 3:
A ceremony in which two people are married to each other .

Many friends and relatives were present at their marriage.
A priest who has performed many marriages
Definition 4:
A close union of or between two things .

A marriage of sweet and spicy flavors
A marriage of science and art
A marriage between form and function

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