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Definition 1:
A line separating one country or state from another often used before another noun .

The border between Poland and Slovenia
He grew up in Malaysia, near the Indonesian border.
The border of Pennsylvania
The Florida–Georgia border
The contested northern border
border guards
A border dispute
border crossings
Definition 2:
A boundary between places .

They live just beyond the western border of the park.
The border of the Sahara
Definition 3:
A specific border .

They’ve lived in southern Texas for years, but have never been south of the border. [=the U.S. border with Mexico]
She’s from northern Montana, near the border. [=the U.S. border with Canada]
We crossed the border (into France) at Gavarnie.
Definition 4:
A decorative design along the edge of something (such as a rug or wallpaper) .

The quilt is quite plain except for its colorful border.
A broad red border on each plate
The photograph’s white border
Definition 5:
A narrow bed of plants along the edge of a garden or walk .

He planted pansies in the border.
border plants

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