Make View Known For Example

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Definition 1:
To use your voice to express (something) with words + obj no obj .

“Is anybody there?” he said.
“Good morning,” said the woman behind the counter.
I said three words before he interrupted me again.
I just stopped by to say hello.
He left without saying goodbye.
I wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done for me.
She said something about going to the store after work.
He said something in French.
Anything you say to the police can be used as evidence against you.
Don’t believe a word he says.
Please be quiet. I have something to say.
Listen closely, because I’m not going to say this again/twice.
What did you say?
Who shall I say is calling, Sir?
Did she say how to get there?
I said to myself, “I can do it.”
He said (that) he was a doctor.
I can honestly say (that) I had never seen that man before today.
I already said (that) I was sorry.
You know what they say, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”
As people/they say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”
Her eyes are hazel, which is to say [=which means that] they are greenish brown.
“A word of advice: don’t mention the war.” “Say no more [=I understand you; you do not need to explain it further]—I’ll stay off the subject!”
“What happened next?” “I’d rather not say.”
Definition 2:
To express (an opinion) .

She thinks I should break up with him. What do you say? [=what’s your opinion?]
What would/do you say to seeing a movie tonight? [=would you like to see a movie tonight?]
“After all, he was the last person to see her alive.” “Are you saying that (you think) he killed her?”
I say you’re wrong. [=my opinion is that you’re wrong]
I wouldn’t say (that) he’s a great guitarist [=I don’t think he’s a great guitarist]; he’s just OK.
They say (that) you should drink eight glasses of water a day. = It’s said that you should drink eight glasses of water a day. [=the opinion of people who know about this subject is that you should drink eight glasses of water a day]
New England is said to be [=many people think New England is] very beautiful in the Fall.
“Is the island nice?” “So they/people say.”
I must say it was quite a surprise to hear from him. = I have to say it was quite a surprise to hear from him.
I’m not saying we shouldn’t buy the car. All I’m saying is that we should think about it some more.
I didn’t really enjoy the movie, but that’s not to say it was bad.
Say what you like (about it), I thought it was a good movie.
Seeing your reaction, I would say that you’re jealous that he has a new girlfriend.
The dress seems too fancy for the party, wouldn’t you say? [=don’t you agree?; do you think the same thing?]
I’ll say this for him—he’s very generous with his money.
“She’s a great singer!” “If you say so.”
Definition 3:
To express (a fact) with certainty + obj no obj This sense is often used in indirect questions beginning with who to express disagreement or to say that something cannot be known for sure. .

No one can say for sure whether it will happen.
It is hard to say what caused the injury.
There’s no saying [=it is impossible to know] how many people died in the earthquake.
“When will you be done?” “I couldn’t/can’t say.” [=I don’t know]
Who says I can’t do it? I can do anything if I put my mind to it.
Who’s to say they wouldn’t have won if their team was healthy?
Who can say what will happen? [=no one knows what will happen]
Definition 4:
To give (an order) :to tell someone to do (something) + obj no obj .

I said leave me alone!
“Why do we have to go?” “Because your father and I said so.”
Mom said to wait here.
She’s the boss. What she says goes! [=you have to do what she tells you to do]
“Let’s try installing the program one more time.” “Whatever you say—you’re the expert.”
“Don’t you ever bring that subject up again, do you hear me?!” “Okay, okay. Whatever you say.”
Don’t start until I say (so/to).
Definition 5:
To pronounce (a word) .

How do you say your name?
Definition 6:
To repeat or recite (something) .

We always say our prayers before going to bed.
Can you say the poem from memory?
A new priest said Mass this morning.
Definition 7:
To use written words to give (information) .

What does the card say?
Does the article say how the fire happened?
The letter says that I’ve been accepted to the college.
It says here that there will be a special guest at the concert.
The instructions say to add two eggs.
Definition 8:
To show or indicate (something) by using numbers, pictures, etc. .

The clock says five minutes after ten.
The calendar says that Christmas falls on a Monday.
Definition 9:
To express (a meaning, emotion, etc.) without using words .

She likes art that really says something.
The kind of car you drive says a lot about the kind of person you are.
The look on her face said “I’m sorry.”
His face said it all. = His face said everything. [=his face showed how he felt]
Definition 10:
used to suggest an example or possibility .

Let’s pick a math problem. Say problem number 3.
Say you do get accepted to the college. Will you go?
We could leave on any day—say on Monday.
Let’s say you’re right, for argument’s sake.
Suppose you won, shall we say, one million dollars. What would you do with it?
Definition 11:
used to suggest a possible or approximate amount, value, etc. .

The property is worth, say, four million dollars. = The property is worth four million dollars, say. [=the property is worth about four million dollars]

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