Looks Toward

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Definition 1:
The front part of the head that has the eyes, nose, and mouth on it .

He has a round face.
He punched me (right) in the face.
His face is familiar but I can’t remember his name.
I’ll never forget the look on her face.
She slapped him in the face. = She slapped his face.
He fell flat on his face.
A bearded/freckled/tanned face
A fresh/youthful face
face cream
face powder
Her face lit up [=she looked pleased and happy] when she saw him.
Her face fell [=she looked unhappy] when I told her the bad news.
I don’t know how he can show his face around here. [=how he can stand being seen here]
Why the long face? [=why do you look so unhappy?]
He was wearing a silly grin/smile on his face. [=he was grinning/smiling in a silly way]
She angrily told him to wipe that smile off his face. [=to stop smiling]
Her guilt was written all over her face. [=the expression on her face showed her guilt very clearly]
The answer to the problem was staring me in the face all along. [=the answer was obvious but I did not see it]
Definition 2:
A facial expression see also poker face.

A happy/sad face
A friendly/smiling face
She tried to put on a brave face [=she tried to appear brave or calm] despite the pain of the injury.
It was hard to keep a straight face. [=it was hard not to laugh]
You should have seen his face when we shouted “Surprise!” [=he had a shocked, surprised, etc., look on his face]
Definition 3:
person .

I didn’t recognize any of the faces around the table.
There are lots of new faces around the office.
It’s good to see a familiar face. [=a person that I know]
Definition 4:
The way something appears when it is first seen or thought about usually singular .

On the face of it, her proposal seems ridiculous. [=when you first hear about her proposal it seems ridiculous, although it may not be ridiculous when you learn more about it]
Her proposal seems ridiculous on its face.
Definition 5:
The way something is seen or thought of by people usually singular To put a brave/good/positive face on something or to put the best face on something is to talk about it or describe it in a way that makes it seem as good as possible. .

If she wins the election it will change the face of American politics.
She can put a positive face on the worst situations.
He was disappointed by the results of the election, but tried to put the best face on the situation by saying he had come closer to winning than people expected.
Definition 6:
A front or outer surface of something .

The face of a cliff = a cliff face
The face of a building
The face of a golf club
A species that has vanished from the face of the earth [=a species that is no longer found anywhere in the world]
If you ask me, he’s the biggest fool on the face of the earth. [=in the world]
Definition 7:
A surface or side that is marked or prepared in some way .

The face of a document
Definition 8:
A side of a coin .

Which face will the coin land on—heads or tails?
Definition 9:
The part of a clock or watch that shows the time .

A clock face
Definition 10:
Any one of the flat surfaces of a solid shape .

A cube is a solid with six square faces.

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