Looker Demands Food

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Definition 1:
A shallow container that you cook or serve food in .

A baking/serving dish [=a container used to bake/serve food]
A casserole/pie dish [=a container used to bake a casserole/pie]
Definition 2:
A shallow bowl .

A candy dish [=a container used to serve candy]
The cat’s food/water dish
Definition 3:
The food served in a dish .

A dish of strawberries
A small dish of ice cream
Definition 4:
Food that is prepared in a particular way .

Each person made a dish for the potluck supper.
The restaurant serves some of my favorite dishes.
A fish/pasta/potato dish [=food that has fish/pasta/potatoes as a main ingredient]
The main dish [=the biggest dish of a meal] was poached salmon, and it was served with a side dish [=a food that is served at the same time as the main dish] of spinach.
Definition 5:
All the things (such as plates, forks, glasses, pans, cooking utensils, etc.) that are used to prepare, serve, and eat a meal .

We piled all the dishes in the sink after dinner.
Will you wash the breakfast dishes, please?
A sink full of dirty dishes
It’s your turn to do the dishes. [=wash the dishes]
Definition 6:
A shallow container that holds something other than food .

A soap dish
Definition 7:
Something that is shaped like a shallow bowl see also petri dish satellite dish.

Do you have cable TV or a dish? [=an antenna shaped like a dish that receives television signals from a satellite]
A dish antenna
Definition 8:
A sexually attractive person .

I hear your cousin is a dish. [=hottie]

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