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Definition 1:
To lift or move (something or someone) to a higher position .

Raise your hand if you know the answer.
Raise your arms above your head.
He raised his head and looked around.
She raised her eyes from her book and stared at him.
He raised the cup to his lips and drank.
I raised the lid and peeked inside.
Let’s raise the windows and get some fresh air in here.
We raised the flag to the top of the pole.
Definition 2:
To lift or move (something or someone) to a standing or more upright position often + up opposite lower.

They raised [=erected, put up] a flagpole in the quadrangle.
I carefully raised her to a sitting position.
She raised herself onto her knees.
He slowly raised himself up off the floor.
The men raised up the barn’s walls with pulleys.
Definition 3:
To increase the amount or level of (something) .

Our landlord is raising the rent.
The store is raising its prices.
The governor wants to raise the minimum wage.
He matched the bet and then raised it.
The college is raising its standards for admission.
Exercise raises your body temperature.
The ad campaign is intended to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy diet.
Exposure to secondhand smoke raises the risk of lung cancer.
The captain tried to raise the spirits of his crew. [=the captain tried to cheer them up]
Definition 4:
To increase the quality of (something) .

She needs to raise her game in the play-offs. [=she needs to play better in the play-offs]
Definition 5:
To collect (money) from people for a particular cause usually + for .

The organization is raising money to help the hurricane victims.
The students are raising money for their school.
Definition 6:
To form (something, such as an army) by gathering a group of people together .

The rebels were able to raise an army quickly.
Definition 7:
To mention (something) for people to think or talk about .

The issue of money was never raised.
I’m sorry that I have to raise this subject, but we can’t ignore it any longer.
Definition 8:
To cause people to think about or be aware of (something) .

The book raises many questions about our biological origins.
The discovery raises the possibility of a cure for the disease. [=the discovery makes it possible that a cure for the disease will be found]
Definition 9:
To cause (something) to happen or exist :to produce (something) .

The news raised hopes for peace.
The news raised fears of war.
Her comment raised a few smiles/laughs.
He was so tired he could barely raise a smile. [=he could barely smile]
The laws were passed without raising much opposition.
A passerby saw the intruders and raised [=sounded] the alarm.
The audience raised a cheer [=the audience cheered] at the end of the speech.
Some people are raising a ruckus/fuss/stink [=are complaining or objecting very angrily] about the proposed tax.
Definition 10:
To take care of and teach (a child) :to bring up or rear (a child) .

We have raised two wonderful girls.
They have raised their children to be well-mannered.
She was raised by her grandparents.
He was raised (as) a Baptist. = He was raised Baptist.
My dad was raised on a farm.
Some kids are raised on (a diet of) junk food.
I was born and raised here.
This is a wonderful place to raise a family.
Definition 11:
To keep and take care of (animals or crops) .

He raises [=breeds] chickens on his farm.
They’re raising [=growing] corn this year.
Definition 12:
To cause (a dead person) to live again :resurrect .

He claimed that he could raise people from the dead. = He claimed that he could raise the dead.
That noise is loud enough to raise the dead.
Definition 13:
To stop or remove (something that is preventing or blocking an activity) often for only a short period of time .

They raised the siege/embargo/blockade.
The city has temporarily raised [=lifted] its ban on smoking in bars.
Definition 14:
To build (a monument, statue, etc.) :erect .

The city raised a monument in his honor.
Definition 15:
To multiply (a number) by itself a specified number of times .

Raise two to the fourth power.
Two raised to the fourth power is 16.
Definition 16:
To get (someone) to speak with you on a radio :to contact (someone) by radio .

We tried to raise him on the radio, but we couldn’t get through.
Definition 17:
To bet more than (a previous player in a card game) .

I’ll match that bet and raise you five. [=I’ll increase your bet by 5]

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