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Definition 1:
No longer alive or living :no longer having life deceased To leave (someone or something) for dead is to leave a person or animal that you know will probably die instead of trying to help. .

Her husband is dead. He died last year.
She’s been dead for over 10 years now. [=she died more than 10 years ago]
A dead insect/bird/dog
dead trees/leaves/skin
The dead [=lifeless] bodies of the soldiers
He was found dead in his apartment yesterday.
He lay dead on the floor.
The lost mountain climbers were believed/presumed dead.
She shot him dead. [=she killed him by shooting him]
When we found her, she was more dead than alive. [=almost dead; very close to death]
The poster said that the robbers were wanted dead or alive.
He was as good as dead. [=he was almost dead]
She taught her dog to play dead. [=to lie on its back and pretend to be dead]
They hit the dog with their car and left it for dead on the side of the road.
He had been badly beaten and left for dead.
Definition 2:
Not able to feel or move .

My hand was dead [=numb] after holding the bag for so long.
Definition 3:
Very tired .

Our legs were completely dead after hiking all day.
I arrived home from work half dead. [=exhausted]
By the end of the day the workers were dead on their feet. [=very tired but still standing, working, etc.]
Definition 4:
Feeling no emotions .

After the war, I was emotionally dead. [=I was no longer able to feel happiness, sadness, etc.]
Definition 5:
Certain to be punished or hurt .

I’m dead if I come in late for work again.
If I ever get my hands on you, you’re dead!
Definition 6:
No longer working especially because of not having electricity .

The car’s battery is dead.
dead electrical outlets
A dead telephone line
The phones went dead during the storm.
Definition 7:
No longer active or operating .

A dead [=extinct] volcano
dead companies
That plan is dead for now. We’ve started developing a new one.
A dead deal
Definition 8:
Naturally not living .

Rocks and other dead [=inanimate] matter
Definition 9:
Lacking in activity or excitement .

The store’s been dead [=quiet] all day.
This party’s completely dead. [=it is not lively]
The audience was kind of dead tonight.
Definition 10:
used to describe a time when nothing is being said or done .

We played cards to fill in the dead time between the two performances.
Definition 11:
No longer performed or enjoyed .

He says that disco is dead.
A dead art form
Definition 12:
No longer spoken .

Latin is a dead language.
Definition 13:
used to describe a situation in which play stops during a game .

In American football, the ball is dead [=out of play] after an incomplete forward pass.
The ball is dead if it goes beyond the white line.
Definition 14:
Complete, total, or absolute .

There was dead silence in the room.
She spoke with dead certainty.
I chased them at a dead run for three miles.
The camera is a dead giveaway [=clearly shows] that you’re a tourist.
She fell to the floor in a dead faint.
The evening wasn’t all I had hoped for, but is wasn’t a dead loss. [=it wasn’t completely bad]
He’s a dead ringer for [=he looks exactly like] his father.
(Brit, informal) They’re a dead cert [=a sure thing, a sure bet] to win. [=they are certain to win]
Definition 15:
Sudden and complete .

The bus came to a dead [=abrupt] stop.
Definition 16:
Perfect or exact .

Her arrow hit the dead [=very] center of the target.

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