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Definition 1:
To allow (something) to happen :to give permission for (something) .

The judge permitted the release of the prisoner.
Smoking is not permitted in the building.
When we arrived at customs we realized we had more than the permitted number of items.
Definition 2:
To allow (someone) to do or have something often followed by to + verb .

He permitted himself one more cookie.
Her parents will not permit them to marry.
He was not permitted to serve on the jury.
(formal) Permit me to offer my congratulations on your victory. [=I would like to congratulate you on your victory]
Definition 3:
To make something possible no obj + obj .

If time permits [=if there is enough time left], we can go out to eat later.
The picnic will be held at the park, weather permitting. [=if the weather is good enough to allow it]
The new ramp permits easier access to the highway.

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