Keyboard Instrument

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Definition 1:
A part of the body (such as the heart or liver) that has a particular function see also sense organ.

Internal organs
Vital organs
An organ transplant/donor
Definition 2:
used as a polite way of saying penis .

The male organ
Definition 3:
A musical instrument that has a keyboard and pipes of different lengths and that makes sound by pushing air through the pipes called also pipe organ see picture at keyboard.

Definition 4:
An electronic musical instrument that has a keyboard and makes sounds like those of an organ see also barrel organ mouth organ.

Definition 5:
A group or organization that has a special function within a larger organization .

The legislative organ of our government
Definition 6:
A newspaper, magazine, etc., that is published by a particular group and that gives the news and opinions of that group .

The magazine functions as the official organ of the tobacco industry.
A house organ [=a publication that expresses the opinions of a business or group]

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