Just Fine

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Definition 1:
Agreeing with what is thought to be right or acceptable .

We received fair treatment.
fair elections
A fair fight
A fair bargain/deal/trade
I’m just trying to get a fair price for the house. [=I’m not trying to get more money for the house than most people think is right]
That’s a fair question, and it deserves an honest reply.
The workers claim that they are not being paid fair wages. [=they are being paid less than they should be paid]
It’s only fair [=it is the right thing] to tell him the truth.
I washed the dishes yesterday, so it’s only fair (that) you to do them today.
He gets his fair share of attention too. [=he gets a reasonable amount of attention]
She’s had more than her fair share of trouble. [=she has had a lot of trouble]
Definition 2:
Treating people in a way that does not favor some over others .

He is known as a very fair man.
I try to be fair to/with my children.
He claims that the competition wasn’t fair.
It’s not fair that she gets to leave early and I don’t.
Sometimes life isn’t fair.
A fair and impartial jury
A bargain/deal/trade that is fair to/for everyone
All she wants is a fair chance. [=the same chance everyone else gets]
Definition 3:
Not too harsh or critical .

“What a bad movie!” “Be fair! Parts of it are actually pretty funny.”
I can’t say I liked the movie, but, to be fair, parts of it are pretty funny.
She did poorly on the test, but, to be fair, so did a lot of other people.
Definition 4:
Not very good or very bad :of average or acceptable quality .

Her work has been fair to good.
The quality of her work has been only fair.
I think our waiter did a fair job.
The patient has been upgraded from serious to fair condition.
The food was fair to middling. [=just average; not especially good]
Definition 5:
Reasonably good :good although usually not excellent .

The team has a fair [=pretty good] chance of winning the championship this year.
He does a pretty fair [=good] imitation of the President.
He was able to give us a fair idea of the problems involved.
It’s a fair bet that the weather will improve soon.
“I’m guessing that he’s about 50 years old.” “That’s a fair guess, but he’s actually almost 60.”
Definition 6:
Reasonably large used to describe an amount or size that is not small although it is also not extremely large .

There were a fair number of new participants at the convention.
Researchers now know a fair amount about the earliest humans.
He lives a fair distance from here.
Definition 7:
Not stormy or cloudy .

fair skies
fair weather
Definition 8:
Having a light color opposite dark.

fair hair/skin
A person of fair complexion
A fair-skinned person
Definition 9:
Attractive or pleasing to look at .

We’re happy to welcome you to our fair [=lovely] city.
A fair maid/maiden
Who’s the fairest of them all?
Definition 10:
In the area between the foul lines A fair ball is a batted ball that lands in the area between the foul lines. compare foul.

The ball was caught in fair territory.

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