Irish Working In Club

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Definition 1:
A heavy type of metal that is very common, occurs naturally in blood, and is used to make steel and in many products sometimes used figuratively see also cast iron wrought iron.

The bars/chains are (made of) iron.
She has an iron deficiency. [=she does not have enough iron in her blood]
An athlete with legs/muscles of iron [=very strong legs/muscles]
She has a will of iron. [=she has a very strong will]
Definition 2:
A device with a flat metal base that is heated and is used to press wrinkles out of clothing see also curling iron soldering iron waffle iron.

A heated iron
Definition 3:
A golf club that has a metal head and is identified by a number compare wood.

A five-iron
Definition 4:
Chains placed on a prisoner’s arms or legs .

They clapped/put the prisoner in irons.
They slapped leg irons on him.

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