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Definition 1:
To cause or help (someone) to learn about a subject by giving lessons + obj no obj .

He enjoys teaching his students about history.
She no longer teaches.
He wants to teach. [=to be a teacher]
Definition 2:
To give lessons about (a particular subject) to a person or group .

She taught English for many years at the high school.
He teaches music/science.
Definition 3:
To cause or help (a person or animal) to learn how to do something by giving lessons, showing how it is done, etc. often followed by to + verb .

She is teaching us (how to use) sign language.
teach a child to read/swim
I taught my dog to retrieve sticks.
She taught me (how) to ride a bike.
Definition 4:
To show someone how to behave, think, etc. .

The church teaches compassion and forgiveness.
Someone needs to teach her right and wrong.
The experience taught us that money doesn’t mean everything.
Definition 5:
To cause (someone) to know the unpleasant results of something .

Her injury will teach her not to be so careless with a knife.
He got the punishment he deserved. That’ll teach him to lie to me. [=show him that he should not to lie to me again]
That will teach her a lesson. [=that will show her not to do something again]

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