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Definition 1:
Happening or done without delay .

This requires your immediate attention.
The new restaurant was an immediate success.
This crisis calls for immediate action.
The response to the crisis was immediate.
Definition 2:
Happening or existing now .

The wildfire poses no immediate threat to any houses in the area.
The danger is not immediate.
Definition 3:
Important now .

Our (most) immediate concern is to provide aid to the victims.
Definition 4:
Close to a particular place .

They have evacuated everyone in the immediate area/vicinity of the wildfire.
Outside the immediate neighborhood/surroundings
Definition 5:
Close to a particular time or event .

Many people suffered in the war’s immediate aftermath.
The effect of the new policy will be unknown for the immediate future.
Definition 6:
Having no other person or thing in between .

Turn right onto Main Street and then take your immediate left. [=quickly turn onto the next street on your left]
He was sitting to my immediate right.
The company president will choose her immediate successor.
She was my immediate predecessor
He referred me to his immediate superior.
Hospital visits are limited to immediate family. [=a person’s parents, brothers and sisters, husband or wife, and children]
Definition 7:
Coming straight from a cause or reason .

The immediate [=direct] cause of death was pneumonia.
There is an immediate connection between the two events.

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