Indian Region

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Definition 1:
A group of things that are fastened, tied, or wrapped together often + of .

He arrived with several bundles [=packages, parcels] under his arms.
A bundle of straw/newspapers/clothes
Definition 2:
A group of things that are together or are associated with each other in some way .

Whoever picks the winning ticket will win a bundle of prizes.
Definition 3:
A person who has a lot of some quality or who is known for a particular kind of behavior + of The phrase (little) bundle of joy is used as a humorous or affectionate way of referring to a baby. .

You’re just a bundle of contradictions! [=you say or do things that seem to go against other things you say or do]
She’s a bundle of energy. [=she’s very energetic]
I was a bundle of nerves. [=I was very nervous]
He’s our little bundle of joy.
Definition 4:
A large amount of money .

He made/lost a bundle on the stock market.
A reliable car doesn’t have to cost a bundle.
They made bundles of money.
Definition 5:
A group of products or services that are sold together at a single price .

Software bundles

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