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Definition 1:
One of the five natural powers (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing) through which you receive information about the world around you often + of see also sixth sense.

All of my senses were on the alert for danger.
The dog lost his sense of smell.
An acute/poor sense of hearing
Definition 2:
A physical feeling :something that your body experiences usually + of .

A sense of fatigue/hunger
Ear problems can sometimes affect a person’s sense of balance.
Definition 3:
A particular feeling :an emotion that you are aware of usually + of .

We had a sense that something wasn’t quite right.
Once the speech was over, he was filled with a tremendous sense of relief.
A sense of loss/urgency/pride
A sense of well-being
Their sense of accomplishment was obvious.
We felt a growing sense of danger.
The gun gave him a false sense of security. [=made him feel safer than he really was]
She has a strong sense of self. [=she has strong ideas about who she is]
Definition 4:
A personal quality :a specific quality that is part of your personality usually singular + of .

He had a great sense of adventure. [=he liked adventure very much]
A sense of order/duty
She lacked any sense of responsibility about financial matters.
He had no sense of purpose [=he did not know what he wanted to do with his life] after his divorce.
She has a great sense of humor. [=she says funny things and can see the funny side of things]
He has no sense of humor. [=he does not find things amusing]
His excellent sense of direction [=ability to find his way around easily in a new place] was useful during our travels.
The chairman’s speech gave us a clear sense of direction. [=helped us to know what we should try to accomplish]
Definition 5:
The ability to think clearly or in a reasonable way .

His senses were clear despite his illness.
They hoped recent events would bring them to their senses. [=make them act sensibly]
I was scared out of my senses. [=I was so scared that I couldn’t think clearly]
(chiefly Brit) Are you out of your senses? [=out of your mind]
Definition 6:
A proper or reasonable way of thinking about something :an awareness of what is appropriate see also common sense horse sense.

He had the sense to leave when the crowd got rowdy. [=he acted in a sensible way and left when the crowd got rowdy]
She had the good sense to stop before she said too much.
I wish she would see sense [=act in a sensible way] and go to college.
Definition 7:
A reason for doing something :a reason why something was done .

There’s no sense [=point] in waiting.
I fail to see the sense of/in that decision. [=I fail to see why that decision was made]
Definition 8:
The meaning of something (such as a word or phrase) often + of .

Many words have more than one sense.
In the biblical/religious/legal sense of the word
An abstract/broad sense
The American sense of this word differs from the British sense.
He learned the speech by heart but missed the sense entirely. [=he memorized the speech but he did not understand it]
The oldest sense of the word dates from 1890.
The intended sense of the passage was lost in translation.
The book is a classic in every sense of the word. [=in every possible way]

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