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Definition 1:
Very unpleasant to see, smell, taste, etc. .

She has a nasty habit of biting her fingernails.
The food looks nasty.
The medicine left a nasty taste in my mouth.
A nasty-tasting medicine
Definition 2:
Indecent and offensive .

A violent movie with a lot of nasty [=bad, dirty] language
Definition 3:
Unpleasant and unkind .

That was a nasty [=cruel, mean] trick!
That nasty old man yelled at me just for stepping on his lawn!
He sent a nasty letter/e-mail to the company.
She’s got quite a nasty temper/disposition.
He said lots of downright nasty things about her.
She called him a few nasty names and left.
Definition 4:
Very bad or unpleasant .

nasty weather/storms
It’s rainy and nasty outside.
I’ve got a really nasty problem.
He’s in for a nasty surprise when he gets home.
He just went through a nasty divorce.
A nasty legal battle
Their relationship got/turned nasty soon after they were married.
Definition 5:
Very serious or severe :causing much damage .

You’ve got a nasty cut on your head.
A nasty wound
She had a nasty fall on the ice.
He took a nasty spill while riding his bike.

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