Group Of Monks Giving Command

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Definition 1:
A statement made by a person with authority that tells someone to do something :an instruction or direction that must be obeyed count noncount see also cease and desist order court order executive order gag order marching orders money order restraining order standing order tall order.

The captain was barking out orders [=commands] to the crew.
That’s an order, not a request!
Failing to comply with an order will result in the loss of your job.
She received an order to appear in court.
They can’t close down the school without an order from the governor’s office.
The mayor gave/issued an order to evacuate the city.
It’s not his fault. He was only following/obeying orders.
I’m not taking orders from you! You’re not my boss.
She left the hospital against her doctor’s orders. [=her doctor told her not to leave, but she left anyway]
The soldiers were under (strict) orders to shoot anything that moved.
The city was evacuated by order of the mayor.
Definition 2:
A specific request asking a company to supply goods or products to a customer count noncount see also back order mail order purchase order.

The store received an order for 200 roses this morning.
They had trouble filling large customer orders.
I placed a book order [=an order for a book] yesterday.
I’d like to cancel my order.
We offer free shipping on orders over 50 dollars.
We don’t have that CD in the store right now, but we do have it on order. [=we have ordered it but it has not yet been delivered]
The book is on (special) order from the publisher.
Dresses in larger sizes are available by special order.
Definition 3:
A product or a group of products that someone has requested from a company .

We shipped your order last Thursday.
Definition 4:
A request for food or drinks made at a restaurant .

The waiter still hasn’t come to take our order.
May I take your order?
Please wait in this line to place your order.
Definition 5:
The food and drinks that someone has requested at a restaurant .

Your order will be ready any minute now.
Is this order for here or to go? [=do you want to eat in this restaurant or take the food somewhere else?]
Definition 6:
An amount of food that is served at a restaurant .

I’d like a large order of French fries, please.
I’d like a hamburger with a side order of fries. [=I’d like an order of fries with my hamburger]
Definition 7:
The particular way that things or events are organized in a list or series singular noncount see also pecking order.

Roll the dice to determine the order of play. [=to decide who will play first, second, third, etc.]
The names were listed in no particular order.
He remembers things happening in a different order.
The actors’ names are listed in the order of their appearance. = They are listed in the order in which they appear.
Do these steps in the correct/proper/right order.
A series of jobs listed in order of difficulty/importance/size
The top three contestants were named in random order.
Her CDs are arranged in alphabetical order according to the artists’ names.
A series of events given in chronological/historical order
They rank the wines in ascending/descending order according to their quality.
The movie tells the story of her life in reverse order. [=from the end to the beginning]
The books on those shelves are out of order. They need to be put in order.
Definition 8:
An organized and proper state or condition opposite disorder.

Two weeks after the disaster, he has managed to bring order out of (the) chaos.
Hundreds of families are struggling to get/put their lives back in order after the earthquake.
Get your passport in order before you leave for your trip.
All her documents were in order.
She makes sure the organization’s finances are in good order.
Drivers must keep their trucks clean and in (good) working order. [=working properly]
Definition 9:
The state in which people behave properly, follow rules or laws, and respect authority .

Our leaders must restore order to the city.
The loss of public order
Some teachers have trouble maintaining order in the classroom.
A lack of order and discipline
Order, order in the court!” the judge shouted at the unruly men.
Definition 10:
A social or political system :the way that a society is organized or controlled .

These young activists dared to challenge the established social order.
Calling for the end of the old order
A new world order
They seem to have accepted poverty as part of the natural order of things.
Definition 11:
A level of quality or excellence .

A teacher of the first/highest order [=an excellent teacher]
Their customer service is of a higher order than that of their competitors.
Definition 12:
A social class usually plural .

Servants and other members of the lower orders
Definition 13:
A group of related plants or animals that is larger than a family .

Humans, apes, and other members of the order Primates
Definition 14:
A large organization of people who have similar jobs or interests and who give help to other members .

The Masonic Order
The Fraternal Order of Police
Definition 15:
A religious organization whose members usually live together and promise to follow special rules and traditions see also holy orders.

Joining a religious/monastic order
An order of Catholic missionaries
Definition 16:
A group of people who have been given an honor or reward by a country’s ruler .

The Queen made him a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

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