GP Returned To Nurse One Animal

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Definition 1:
An animal that has a fat body with short legs, a small tail, and a wide nose and that is raised on a farm or lives in the wild compare hog piglet sow see also guinea pig potbellied pig.

Definition 2:
Someone who eats a lot of food especially at one time .

The kids eat like pigs. [=the kids eat a lot]
I made a pig of myself at dinner. [=I ate too much at dinner]
Definition 3:
Someone who selfishly wants or takes more than other people .

A greedy pig
Definition 4:
Someone who is unpleasant or offensive .

Don’t be a pig. Say “excuse me” after you burp.
They live like pigs. [=they live in a dirty environment]
He is a sexist pig. = He is a male chauvinist pig. [=he is a man who thinks women are not equal to men]
Definition 5:
police officer.

Definition 6:
Something that is very difficult or unpleasant + of .

I had a pig of a day at work. [=I had a very difficult day at work]

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