Gets Rid Of Lean-tos

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Definition 1:
To get rid of (something) .

I’ve been trying to shed some extra pounds.
The company has had to shed many jobs.
She hasn’t been able to shed her image as a troublemaker. [=to make people stop thinking of her as a troublemaker]
Definition 2:
To lose (leaves, skin, fur, etc.) naturally + obj no obj .

Snakes shed their skin.
The dog is shedding its fur.
The trees are shedding their leaves.
The cat is shedding.
Definition 3:
To take off (something you are wearing) .

He quickly shed his hat and coat.
Definition 4:
To lose or drop (a load, cargo, etc.) .

The lorry shed its load.
Definition 5:
To cause (water) to flow off instead of soaking into something .

Raincoats shed water.

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