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Definition 1:
To get away from a place (such as a prison) where you are being held or kept .

The prisoner escaped (from jail).
An escaped convict [=a convict who has escaped from prison]
Definition 2:
To get away from a dangerous place or situation .

The boat sank but the crew escaped (unharmed).
They managed to escape from the burning building.
Definition 3:
To get away from something that is difficult or unpleasant + obj no obj .

He needed a vacation to escape the routine of daily life.
She moved to the city to escape the memory of her mother’s death.
Trying to help people to escape poverty
Trying to help people to escape from poverty
This vacation will give us a chance to escape (from the routine of daily life).
escape from reality
Definition 4:
To avoid something :to not experience something (such as disease or injury) + obj no obj .

He succeeded in escaping punishment for many years.
A few passengers somehow escaped injury.
escaped being injured
She barely/narrowly escaped death/disaster when her car slid off the road.
Many cases of fraud escape detection. [=are not detected]
Several passengers escaped without injury.
She narrowly escaped with her life. [=she narrowly avoided death]
Definition 5:
To fail to be remembered or noticed by (someone) .

His name escapes me. [=I can’t remember his name]
Nothing escapes her. = Nothing escapes her notice.
Definition 6:
To come out from somewhere :to leak out .

A bit of light escaped through the cracks.
Gas is escaping from the tank.
Definition 7:
To come out or be spoken without being intended + obj no obj .

A sigh of relief escaped her. [=she sighed in relief without realizing that she was doing it]
A sigh escaped from her lips.

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