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Definition 1:
Feeling fear: such as.

Definition 2:
Worried that something will cause pain or injury often + of .

Don’t be afraid [=frightened, scared]—the dog won’t hurt you.
I don’t like tall buildings because I’m afraid of heights. [=of being high up in the air]
He’s afraid of snakes.
All the kids at school were afraid of him.
Definition 3:
Nervous about doing something often + of often followed by to + verb .

She’s afraid of failing/failure.
He wasn’t afraid of saying what he thought.
Don’t be afraid of [=don’t worry about] what everyone else thinks.
He wasn’t afraid to say what he thought.
I wanted to visit her, but I was afraid to ask.
Don’t be afraid to take risks.
Definition 4:
Nervous or worried that something might happen .

She’s afraid (that) she might fail.
We were all afraid (that) she wouldn’t live.
I’m afraid (that) everyone will laugh at me.
I was afraid (that) you would say “no.”
Definition 5:
used in the phrase I’m afraid as a polite way of showing that you are sorry about a disappointing, negative, or critical statement .

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid (that) I won’t be able to come to your party.
She tries hard, but I’m afraid that her work just isn’t very good.
I’m afraid that I still don’t understand the problem.
This is only the beginning of the battle, I’m afraid.
Most of us worked very hard, but she, I’m afraid to say [=I’m sorry to say; I regret to say], did no work at all.
“Is it raining?” “I’m afraid so.” = “I’m afraid it is.” [=yes, it is]
“Can you come to our party?” “I’m afraid not.” = “I’m afraid I can’t.” [=no, I can’t come]
Definition 6:
used with not to say that someone is willing to do something often + of often followed by to + verb .

She’s not afraid of hard work. = She’s not afraid of working hard. [=she’s willing to work hard; she works hard]
You can’t be afraid of getting dirty in this job. [=you have to be willing to get dirty in this job]
She’s not afraid to work hard.
He’s not afraid to admit his mistakes.

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