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Definition 1:
To leave and never return to (someone who needs protection or help) .

The child had been abandoned (by his parents) as an infant.
He abandoned his family.
Definition 2:
To leave and never return to (something) .

abandon property
They abandoned the car on a back road.
That house was abandoned years ago.
Definition 3:
To leave (a place) because of danger If you abandon ship, you leave a boat or ship that is sinking. This phrase is sometimes used figuratively. .

The approaching fire forced hundreds of people to abandon their homes.
The officer refused to abandon his post.
The captain gave the order to abandon ship.
The company is doing poorly, and many investors have decided to abandon ship. [=to sell their stock in the company]
Definition 4:
To stop supporting or helping (someone or something) .

The policy abandons the most vulnerable members of society.
She abandoned the party not long after the election.
Definition 5:
To stop doing or having (something) :to give up (something) completely .

We abandoned hope of ever going back.
He abandoned the principles that he once fought hard to defend.
She had to abandon her plans for a vacation.
Play was abandoned because of the bad weather.

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