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Definition 1:
To cause (something) to move out of your hand and through the air by quickly moving your arm forward + obj no obj .

She threw the ball to first base.
We threw our hats in the air at the end of the ceremony.
Throw me the car keys. = Throw the car keys to me.
A poorly thrown ball
Let’s see how far you can throw.
You throw like a wimp.
He hurt his throwing arm/hand. [=the arm/hand that he uses to throw a baseball, football, etc.]
Definition 2:
To put (something) in a particular place in a careless or forceful way sometimes used figuratively .

She threw her coat on the bed.
Don’t throw your trash on the ground. Throw it in the trash can.
He threw (down) the newspaper on the table in disgust.
Throwing all his inhibitions aside/overboard, he took off his clothes and went skinny-dipping.
Definition 3:
To cause (someone or something) to move suddenly or forcefully to or away from a particular place .

The wrestler threw his opponent to the mat.
The crash threw the driver from the car.
She was thrown from the horse.
The storm threw the boat against a reef.
Definition 4:
To perform an action that involves throwing a ball .

(American football) The quarterback threw a pass.
(American football) The quarterback threw a touchdown/interception. [=threw a pass that resulted in a touchdown/interception]
(baseball) The pitcher threw a curve to him. = The pitcher threw him a curve.
(baseball) He threw [=pitched] the first three innings of the game.
(baseball) In her last game, she threw [=pitched] a no-hitter/shutout.
Definition 5:
To send (something) from your hand in a way that causes it to move forward and turn over many times along a surface + obj no obj .

She shook the dice and threw [=rolled] them on the table.
He threw the bowling ball.
It’s your turn to throw.
Definition 6:
To get (a number or score) by throwing dice or a bowling ball .

She threw a six/spare.
Definition 7:
To cause or force (someone or something) to suddenly be in a particular state, condition, or position often used as (be) thrown .

The discovery threw the previous theory into (a state of) doubt.
They arrested him and threw him in/into prison. [=put him in prison]
The government threw the territory open to settlers.
The crowd was thrown into confusion. [=the crowd suddenly became very confused]
He was thrown into prison.
She was thrown into a very difficult situation.
When the factory closed, the workers were thrown out of their jobs. [=the workers lost their jobs]
Definition 8:
To forcefully move (yourself or a part of your body) in a particular direction .

They threw their arms around each other.
She threw herself into his arms.
She threw back her head in laughter.
He threw his shoulders back and stuck out his chest.
He threw himself onto the couch.
She threw her leg over the arm of the chair.
Definition 9:
To swing your arm and try to hit someone with your fist .

The boxer threw a quick left jab.
I broke up the argument before they started throwing punches. [=trying to hit each other]
Definition 10:
To move (something) to an open or closed position in a forceful and sudden way .

She threw open the window to get some air.
He threw the door shut.
Definition 11:
To move (a switch) to an on or off position .

She threw the switch.
Definition 12:
To organize and hold (a party) .

Let’s throw a party to celebrate.
Her friends are throwing her a baby shower. = They are throwing a baby shower for her.
Definition 13:
To lose (a game or contest) in a deliberate way .

He was suspected of throwing the boxing match.
Definition 14:
To express strong emotions in an uncontrolled way .

The child was throwing a (temper) tantrum in the middle of the store.
Dad will throw a fit [=he will be extremely angry] if he finds out.
Definition 15:
To use (your effort, influence, money, etc.) in order to accomplish something often + into .

Lobbyists are throwing their weight/influence behind the legislation. [=they are using their influence to support the legislation]
She threw all her efforts into the boy’s defense. [=she worked as hard as she could for the boy’s defense]
They’ve been throwing all their money into (repairing) the house.
She threw everything she had into winning the match. [=she tried as hard as she could to win the match]
Definition 16:
To direct (something, such as a question or look) at someone often + at .

She threw him an evil look.
She threw an evil look at him.
He threw the question back at me. [=he asked me the same question that I asked him]
Definition 17:
To cause (someone) to feel confused or surprised see also throw (someone) for a loop at loop throw (someone) for a loss at loss.

The tricky wording of the contract didn’t throw her.
The announcement that he was resigning really threw me.
Definition 18:
To cause (something, such as a shadow) to appear on a surface sometimes used figuratively .

The tree threw a shadow across the lawn.
The setting sun threw long shadows on the buildings.
His alleged steroid use threw a shadow on his record.
Definition 19:
To put (a vehicle) into a different gear especially in a quick and sudden way .

He threw the car into reverse.
Definition 20:
To make (your voice) sound as if it is coming from another person or place .

Ventriloquists can throw their voices so that their dummies appear to speak.
Definition 21:
To do (something that requires special skill) successfully .

Kids were throwing [=performing] stunts/tricks on skateboards at the park.
Definition 22:
To form or shape (something, such as clay or a pot) on a special wheel .

She enjoys throwing pottery.

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