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Definition 1:
The sweet, sour, bitter, or salty quality of a thing that you can sense when it is in your mouth :the flavor that you can taste when you eat or drink something sometimes used figuratively .

The wine had a slightly bitter taste.
She likes the taste of apples and cinnamon.
I detected a strong taste of ginger in the sauce.
The experience left a bad taste in my mouth. [=the experience made me feel bad, disgusted, etc.]
Definition 2:
The ability to notice or recognize flavors when you eat or drink :the ability to taste things .

The food was very pleasing to the taste. [=the food tasted very good]
The illness affected her sense of taste.
Definition 3:
A small amount of food or drink that you have in order to see how it tastes usually singular .

May I have a taste of your ice cream?
Definition 4:
Something (such as a brief experience) that gives you some knowledge about what something is like usually + of .

It was her first taste of success.
That first storm was just a taste of things to come. [=that storm was followed by many other storms]
Definition 5:
The feelings that each person has about what is appealing, attractive, etc. :the feelings that cause someone to like or not like something noncount count see also acquired taste at acquire.

He has no/little taste for gossip. [=he does not like gossip]
The movie was not to their taste. [=they did not like the movie]
The movie is intended to appeal to popular taste. [=to be liked by many or most people]
Whether you like the music or not is purely a matter of taste. [=a matter of opinion]
She has developed/acquired a taste for Italian wine.
Different people have different tastes.
They have expensive tastes. [=they like expensive things]
The store has something to suit all tastes.
The music is too loud for my taste. [=the music is louder than I prefer it to be]
Definition 6:
The ability to choose what is appealing, attractive, appropriate, or enjoyable .

She is a person of taste.
The way he dresses shows that he has no taste.
She has good/poor taste in music.
The room was decorated with taste. [=the room was tastefully decorated]
Definition 7:
used in phrases to say that something (such as a person’s speech or behavior) is or is not proper and acceptable .

I think the joke he told was in (very) bad/poor taste. [=was offensive]
Some people felt that her behavior wasn’t in good taste.

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