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Definition 1:
In an upward and forward direction across something .

The wall’s too high for us to climb over.
We came to a stream and jumped over.
Throw the ball over.
Definition 2:
Downward from an upright position .

She leaned over and kissed him.
I hurt my back bending over [=down] to pick up my child.
Definition 3:
Downward to a flat or horizontal position .

She knocked over the lamp.
He tripped and fell over. [=down]
A couple of trees fell over during the storm.
Definition 4:
So that the bottom or opposite side is on top .

The baby rolled over onto his stomach.
Turn/Flip your cards over.
Definition 5:
From one place to another place .

We sent over a card and a basket of fruit.
The teacher called the three girls over.
Come over here. I need to talk to you.
I’m flying over to London this afternoon.
He ran over to his neighbor’s house to see what was going on.
Let’s head over to the cafeteria.
I’ll be right over.
Could you move over a little, please? I need some more space.
Do you want to come over to my place?
Definition 6:
To your home .

I invited some friends over for dinner.
They’re nice. Why don’t you ask them over some time?
Definition 7:
In a particular place .

Their house is two streets over (from here).
They’re building a new library over by the high school.
Who’s that man over by the door?
It’s summer now over in Australia.
I grew up in the next town over. [=the town that is next to this town]
Definition 8:
From one person or group to another often used figuratively .

And now over to our foreign correspondent for the news from abroad.
It’s mine! Hand it over!
They turned over the stolen money to the police.
After years of supporting the Democrats, she suddenly went over to the Republican side.
He’s gone over to the opposition.
Definition 9:
More than an expected or stated amount or number .

The show ran a minute over. = The show ran over by a minute.
The condition is most common in women 65 and over.
Children eight and over [=children who are eight years old and older] may participate in the contest.
At this restaurant, parties of six or over will have a 20 percent gratuity added to their bill.
Definition 10:
Remaining and not used .

We ate the turkey that was left over from Thanksgiving Day dinner.
Most of the money would be spent on fixing the house with some left over for emergencies.
Definition 11:
During or throughout a period of time :until a later time (such as the next day) .

Do you have enough money to tide you over?
Feel free to stay over [=overnight] if you don’t want to drive home tonight.
Mom, can I sleep over [=can I spend the night] at Carrie’s house?
Definition 12:
So as to cover the entire surface of something .

The sky had clouded over [=it had become covered with clouds], and it was beginning to rain.
The empty house’s windows had been boarded over several years ago.
He’s become famous the world over. [=throughout the world]
Definition 13:
In a complete and thorough way .

I’ll have to talk the matter over with my wife.
She’s still thinking it over.
Definition 14:
From the beginning to the end .

Read it over [=through] and let me know what you think.
Definition 15:
One more time :again .

You’ve done it wrong. Do it over.
Let’s start over (again) from the beginning.
He lost the computer file and had to do his assignment over.
Definition 16:
used to say how many times something is done or repeated .

I had to read the poem twice over [=two times] before I understood its meaning.
Definition 17:
used to say that something is done or happens repeatedly .

She became a millionaire many times over. [=she earned many millions of dollars]
I remind him over and over (again) not to leave the door open.
Say the lines over and over until you have memorized them.
Definition 18:
used when talking on a radio to show that a message is complete .

“We are ready for takeoff instructions. Over.”

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