Feud Great With NUM In Turmoil

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Definition 1:
A statement or series of statements for or against something .

They made a compelling/convincing/persuasive/strong argument for our participation.
The committee presented strong arguments against building a new school.
A lawyer’s closing argument at the trial
His argument did not convince his opponents.
Definition 2:
A discussion in which people express different opinions about something .

Let us accept, for the sake of argument, that she is right.
Don’t you want to hear both sides of the argument?
Definition 3:
An angry disagreement :quarrel count noncount .

They were always getting into arguments about/over politics.
There were many arguments about/over the new design.
They settled an argument that started in class.
I don’t want to hear any arguments about whether you’ll go.
I don’t want to hear any argument about whether you’ll go.
You’ll get no argument from me. [=I won’t disagree]
On that issue, there’s no argument. [=disagreement]
Definition 4:
Something which shows that something is or is not necessary, appropriate, etc. usually + for or against .

The result is an argument for a new approach. [=the result shows that we need to try a new approach]

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