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Definition 1:
A statement or fact that explains why something is the way it is, why someone does, thinks, or says something, or why someone behaves a certain way .

I gave a reason for my absence.
Is there a reason for your strange behavior?
There is a reason why they don’t want to come.
I can’t give you the report for the simple reason that it isn’t yet finished.
She explained her reasons for deciding to change jobs.
He wanted to know the reason for their decision.
“Why don’t you want to go to the party?” “No (particular) reason. I just feel like staying home tonight.”
Give me one good reason why I should believe you.
For obvious reasons, we can’t do that yet.
For reasons of space, some of the charts and graphs have been omitted from the article.
She resigned for personal reasons.
He is always late, for some/whatever reason. [=he is always late, and no one knows why]
He tends to get upset for no reason.
She did things for no good reason. [=there was no acceptable explanation for her actions]
Definition 2:
A fact, condition, or situation that makes it proper or appropriate to do something, feel something, etc. .

There is no reason [=cause] to panic.
There’s no reason for you to feel that way.
I had sufficient/adequate/enough reason [=justification] to leave.
He saw no reason to pursue the issue any further.
They want to try something different, and that’s reason enough for the change.
He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. [=not guilty because he was insane when he committed the crime]
We have (every) reason to believe he is lying.
The company fired him with/without reason. [=there was/wasn’t a good reason for the company to fire him]
She decided, with reason, to find somewhere else to live.
Poor work conditions are all the more reason to find another job.
Definition 3:
The power of the mind to think and understand in a logical way .

Human beings possess the power of reason.
(old-fashioned) He lost his reason. [=he became insane]
Definition 4:
Ideas and opinions that are fair, sensible, and appropriate .

I can’t get him to listen to (the voice of) reason. = I can’t get him to see reason.
He is not open to reason. [=he is not listening to logical or sensible thinking]

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