Evening Repast

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Definition 1:
The main meal of the day count noncount often used before another noun To go out to dinner is to have dinner at a restaurant. .

We had many pleasant dinners together.
A steak/lobster dinner
What’s for dinner?
They had dinner early.
We’re planning to ask them to dinner soon.
Dinner is served. [=dinner is ready; it’s time to come to the table for dinner]
dinner guests
dinner rolls
An enjoyable dinner companion
My new boyfriend and I had a dinner date [=a date to eat dinner together] last night.
She hosted a dinner party [=a party at which dinner is served] at her apartment.
The dinner table [=the table where people eat dinner]
We haven’t gone out to dinner in weeks.
He took her out to dinner several times.
Definition 2:
A usually large formal event at which dinner is eaten .

Two hundred people attended his retirement dinner.
The club’s annual dinner [=banquet]
An awards dinner [=a dinner at which awards are given]
Definition 3:
A cooked and packaged meal that usually only needs to be heated before it is eaten see also tv dinner.

A frozen dinner

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