Enter By Force

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Definition 1:
To enter (a place, such as a foreign country) in order to take control by military force + obj no obj .

invade a country
The troops invaded at dawn.
Definition 2:
To enter (a place) in large numbers + obj no obj .

Ants invaded the kitchen.
Tourists invaded the town.
When tourists invade, the town is a very different place.
Definition 3:
To enter or be in (a place where you are not wanted) .

She was invading my space. [=she was too close to me; she was in the place/space where I was or where I wanted to be]
Definition 4:
To spread over or into (something) in a harmful way + obj no obj .

The cancer eventually invaded the brain.
Weeds had invaded the garden.
Doubts invaded my mind. [=I began to have many doubts]
Bacteria invaded and caused an infection.
Definition 5:
To affect (something, such as your life or privacy) in an unwanted way .

He thinks people were happier before TV and the Internet invaded our lives.
Photographers invaded her privacy. [=caused her to lose her privacy; intruded on her privacy]

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