English In Conflict Become Thin

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Definition 1:
To use or have (something) as clothing :to have (a shirt, pants, etc.) over part of your body .

He was wearing blue jeans.
She wore a red blouse to work.
White coats are often worn by doctors.
Definition 2:
To use or have (something) on your body .

I don’t wear glasses.
He doesn’t wear a watch.
Are you wearing perfume?
A badge worn by police officers
Were you wearing a seat belt?
Definition 3:
To grow or arrange (your hair) in a particular way .

She wears her hair in a ponytail.
I used to wear my hair long.
He wears [=has] a beard now.
Definition 4:
To have or show (something, such as an emotion or facial expression) especially on your face .

The teacher was wearing a frown/smile.
I guess I wear my heart on my sleeve. [=show my emotions in an obvious way]
Definition 5:
To cause (something) to become thinner, weaker, etc., because of continued use over time used as (be) worn .

The carpet was badly worn in some areas.
Definition 6:
To cause (something) to form gradually because of use .

He wore a hole in his pants.
A path had been worn into the grass.
Definition 7:
To make (someone) very tired .

Soldiers worn by the strain of war

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