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Definition 1:
To continue in time .

How long does the movie last?
The movie lasts (for) about two hours. [=the movie is about two hours long]
The conference starts on Monday and it lasts until Friday.
The game lasted (for) three hours.
Don’t worry, the storm won’t/can’t last. [=the storm will end soon]
Definition 2:
To continue in good condition .

The car should last 10 years.
I doubt that those boots will last (much longer).
That bridge will last a long time.
Our products are built to last.
Definition 3:
To continue to be available .

These oranges are on sale while they/supplies last. [=they are on sale until they have all been sold]
Definition 4:
To continue to be enough for the needs of someone no obj + obj .

We have enough food to last (for) the rest of the week.
We have enough food to last us (for) the rest of the week.
That car should last you ten years. [=you should not have to get another car for ten years]
Definition 5:
To be able to continue in a particular situation or condition .

I am not sure he will last in his new job.
Can you last a whole day without cigarettes?
Definition 6:
To continue to live .

My father is very ill. He may not last much longer.
He may not last (through) the night. [=he may die before the night has ended]
(chiefly Brit) He may not last out the night.

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