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Definition 1:
To cause (something) to become two times as great or as many .

They doubled their winnings.
Definition 2:
To become two times as great or as many .

The price of the house had doubled. = The house had doubled in price.
Definition 3:
To have a second job or use + as .

Our couch often doubles as a bed. [=is often used as a bed]
Their living room doubles as a home office.
Definition 4:
To bend or fold (something, such as a piece of paper) usually in the middle usually + over or up .

I doubled over the paper and put it in my notebook.
Definition 5:
To bend forward at the waist usually + over or up no obj + obj .

We all doubled over laughing.
He doubled up in pain.
The pain doubled him over. = He was doubled over with pain.
Definition 6:
To hit a double :to hit the ball so that you can reach second base .

He doubled to left field.

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