Doctor In Wind To Take Risk

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Definition 1:
To play a game in which you can win or lose money or possessions :to bet money or other valuable things often + on .

I like to gamble.
He’s been drinking and gambling heavily.
gambling at cards
She likes to gamble on football games.
Definition 2:
To risk losing (an amount of money) in a game or bet .

He would often gamble hundreds of dollars on a hand of poker.
Definition 3:
To risk losing (something valuable or important) in order to do or achieve something often + on .

She gambled [=risked] everything she owned to start the business.
The company is gambling [=betting, risking] everything on this strategy.
Definition 4:
To do something that could have the good result that you want or a bad result that you cannot control no obj often + on + obj .

The mayor is gambling with the city’s future.
People who lost money gambling in the stock market
Many people are willing to gamble on the new treatment. [=are willing to try the new treatment because they hope it will help them]
The mayor is gambling that the new policies will help rather than hurt the city.

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