Directly Opposed

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Definition 1:
The part of the body containing the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth see picture at human see also talking head.

She patted the dog on the head.
He nodded his head in agreement.
The ceiling’s low—watch your head!
head injuries
They were covered from head to foot/toe in mud. [=they were completely covered in mud]
He has a full head of hair. [=he has a full amount of hair on his head]
Definition 2:
A person’s mental ability :mind or intellect If you have a good head on your shoulders, you are intelligent and have good judgment. When you get/take it into your head to do something, you suddenly decide to do it in a way that seems foolish or surprising. If you get it into your head that something is true, you begin to believe something even though there is no good reason for believing it. .

You shouldn’t let your heart rule your head. [=you should be guided by reason and not by your emotions]
She did some quick calculations in her head. [=without writing anything; mentally]
I keep hearing that song in my head. = That song keeps running through my head. = I can’t get that song out of my head.
It never even entered my head to run for office. [=I never thought of running for office]
The problem is all in his head. [=the problem is not real; he’s just imagining it]
Don’t go putting ideas in/into his head. [=don’t cause him to have ideas or suspicions that he would not have himself]
You should put that idea out of your head. [=you should stop thinking about that idea]
She always says the first thing that comes/pops into her head. [=the first thing that she thinks of]
I’m sure we can solve this problem if we just use our heads. [=think carefully]
That guy should have his head examined. = That guy is not right in the head. [=that guy is crazy]
You need a cool/calm head [=an ability to remain calm] to deal with someone like him.
A clear head [=an ability to think clearly]
You don’t have to worry about her—she’s got a good head on her shoulders.
He’s taken it into his head to try skydiving.
I somehow got it into my head to run for public office.
She’s somehow gotten it into her head that I don’t like her. [=she believes that I don’t like her although I do like her]
Definition 3:
A person who has a specified mental or emotional quality see also hothead sorehead.

A fight was avoided when cooler heads prevailed. [=when calmer or less angry people were able to convince others not to fight]
Definition 4:
A distance equal to the length of a head .

The horse won the race by a head.
I’m a head taller than you.
Definition 5:
The front side of a coin :the side of a coin that shows a picture of a person’s head usually used in the plural to refer to one of the two choices you can make when a coin is thrown in the air to decide something compare tail 3.

The head of a penny
I call heads.
Is it heads or tails? [=did the coin land with heads or tails facing up?]
It landed heads up.
Definition 6:
Individual animals .

100 head of cattle
Definition 7:
An end of something that is like a head in shape or position usually singular often + of compare foot.

She placed the pillows at the head of the bed.
We arrived early so that we’d be at the head [=front] of the line.
The chairman sat at the head of the table.
The head [=top] of a nail/pin/screw
Definition 8:
The part of an object that hits or touches something else often + of see also arrowhead spearhead warhead.

A grinding head
The hammer’s head
The head of a spear
The head of a golf club
Definition 9:
The position of being a leader .

She’s at the head of her class. [=she is the best student in her class]
Definition 10:
A person who leads or directs a group or organization often + of often used before another noun .

Have you met the new department head?
She is the head of our sales division.
heads of families/households
heads of state [=leaders of countries]
The restaurant’s head cook
The team’s head coach
Definition 11:
head teacher.

Definition 12:
A tight mass of leaves or flowers on a plant .

The flower heads on the plant are very large.
A head of cabbage/lettuce
A head of garlic
Definition 13:
The place where a stream or river begins usually singular .

The head of the Nile
Definition 14:
Pressure caused by the water or steam in a machine When an engine has a full head of steam, it has built up a full amount of power. This phrase is often used figuratively to describe something that is moving forward in a fast and powerful way. .

The project started slowly, but now we have a full head of steam.
Definition 15:
The bubbles that form on the top of some liquids (such as beer) usually singular .

The foamy head on a beer
Definition 16:
The point at which a situation becomes very serious or when action is required .

Things came to a head when the workers threatened to go on strike.
These new revelations brought the scandal to a head.
Definition 17:
A small, inflamed area on the skin with a spot in the middle see also blackhead.

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