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Definition 1:
To say in a strong and definite way that someone or something is bad or wrong often + for often + as .

We strongly condemn this attack against our allies.
The government condemns all acts of terrorism.
The country condemns the use of violence on prisoners.
The school condemns cheating, and any student caught cheating will be expelled.
People are condemning him for supporting the old government.
Voters condemned her for lying about her past.
They were condemned as criminals/heretics/rebels/traitors.
The policy was condemned as racist.
Definition 2:
To give (someone) a usually severe punishment usually + to often used as (be) condemned .

The jury quickly convicted her and condemned [=sentenced] her to death.
She was condemned to death.
A condemned man [=a man who has been sentenced to death]
Definition 3:
To cause (someone) to suffer or live in difficult or unpleasant conditions + to often used as (be) condemned .

His lack of education condemned him to a life of poverty.
She was condemned to [=forced to live] a life of loneliness and suffering.
Definition 4:
To close (a building, house, etc.) for not being safe or clean enough for people to use often used as (be) condemned .

City officials condemned our apartment building and forced us to leave.
The houses were condemned after floods caused extensive damage.
The condemned building was torn down.

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