Darkness Is Terrible Thing

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Definition 1:
The time of darkness between one day and the next :the part of the day when no light from the sun can be seen and most people and animals sleep noncount count .

Who are you calling at this time of night?
It’s eleven o’clock at night.
She and her husband both work at night and sleep during the day.
The store’s open all night.
They were up all night long playing video games.
People keep coming back night after night. [=every night for a period of time]
Let’s stop for the night and get a hotel.
A cold, rainy night in the city
Where were you (on) the night of June 20th?
The room costs $100 a/per night. = The room costs $100 for one night.
I stayed up late five nights in a row.
We were woken up in the middle of the night by a loud crash. = (less commonly) We were woken up in the dead of night by a loud crash.
Did you have a good night’s sleep? [=did you sleep well during the night?]
Last night, I had the strangest dream.
I had a late night [=I stayed up very late] last night.
Let’s call it an early night. = Let’s make an early night of it. [=let’s go home or go to bed early tonight]
Let’s call it a night. [=let’s go home or go to bed now]
She’ll have to spend/stay the night in the hospital. [=she will have to sleep overnight in the hospital]
He spent many sleepless nights worrying about his children. [=he lay awake at night worrying about his children]
Spend six nights and seven days on a tropical island in the Caribbean!
He spent the night with [=had sex with and slept with] her.
They decided to spend the night together. [=they decided to have sex and sleep together]
Definition 2:
The darkness that occurs during the nighttime .

They walked out into the night.
Her eyes were as black/dark as (the) night.
Animals that hunt by night [=in darkness]
When night fell [=when the sky became dark for the night; at nightfall], we walked back to our car.
Definition 3:
The final part of the day that is usually after work, school, etc., and before you go to bed :the early part of the night :evening .

They go bowling every Tuesday night.
Friday nights, we play cards with the neighbors.
What did you have for dinner last night?
He planned a night of dinner and dancing.
We’ve planned a night out. [=an evening that you spend outside of your home doing something fun]
Definition 4:
An evening or night that has a special event .

Poetry night [=the night when people read poetry aloud] at the café is every Saturday at eight o’clock.
Wednesday night is our family night. [=the night that our family does things together]
Tuesday night is ladies’ night at the ballpark/bar. [=on Tuesday evening, women get a special benefit at the ballpark/bar, such as paying only half price for something]
Tomorrow is the play’s opening night. [=the play will be performed in front of an audience for the first time tomorrow night]
Definition 5:
The part of a special day that occurs during the nighttime compare eve 2.

Christmas night
They spent their wedding night in a hotel.

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