Cut Medic Mentioned

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Definition 1:
An area of water in a port where ships are loaded, unloaded, or repaired count noncount see also dry dock.

A crowd was waiting at the dock to greet them.
The ship is in dock for repairs.
Definition 2:
The area in a town or city that has rows of docks, offices, and other buildings .

We went down to the docks to watch the ships come in.
Definition 3:
A long structure that is built out into water and used as a place to get on, get off, or tie up a boat .

Tie the boat to the dock.
Definition 4:
A place for loading materials onto ships, trucks, trains, etc. .

A loading dock
Definition 5:
The place in a court of law where a person who is accused of a crime stands or sits during a trial.

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