Cricket Delivery

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Definition 1:
A usually round object that is used in a game or sport or as a toy .

A tennis/soccer ball
Golf/billiard/bowling balls
A toy rubber ball
Kick/throw/hit/catch/bounce/dribble the ball
Definition 2:
Something that has a round shape .

A ball of string
She uses cotton balls to clean her face.
Eating rice/melon balls
Definition 3:
A round bullet shot out of an old-fashioned gun.

Definition 4:
The rounded part of the human foot that is at the bottom of the foot and behind the toes usually plural see picture at foot.

He stood on the balls of his feet.
Definition 5:
testicle usually plural .

She kicked him in the balls.
Definition 6:
The courage that is needed to do something .

You don’t have the/enough balls [=guts, nerve] to fight me.
Definition 7:
nonsense often used as an interjection to express disapproval or annoyance.

Definition 8:
A ball that is thrown or hit see also air ball curveball fastball fly ball ground ball fair ball at fair foul ball at foul.

She hit a high arching ball over the net.
I thought the ball [=serve] was good, but my opponent said it was out.
Definition 9:
A pitch that does not go through the proper area and that the batter does not swing at .

The first pitch was a ball but the next two pitches were strikes.

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