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Definition 1:
One of the many thin parts that control movement and feeling by carrying messages between the brain and other parts of the body .

The optic nerve in the eye allows you to see.
A condition affecting the nerves in her arm
Definition 2:
Courage that allows you to do something that is dangerous, difficult, or frightening .

It takes a lot of nerve to start a new career.
He found/summoned the nerve to stand up to his boss.
I was going to ask her to the dance, but I lost my nerve.
Definition 3:
The rude attitude of someone who says or does things that make other people angry or upset .

You have a lot of nerve to talk to me that way.
I can’t believe she had the nerve to call me a liar.
“After making the mess, he didn’t even offer to help clean it up.” “What (a) nerve!”
Definition 4:
Feelings of being worried or nervous .

The groom was overcome by nerves before his wedding.
The singer still suffers from nerves before a performance.
Her nerves were on edge [=she was nervous] before her exam.
I need a drink to steady/calm my nerves. [=relax]

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