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Definition 1:
Correct according to social or moral rules .

That is not the proper [=acceptable] way to dress for school.
It is not proper to speak that way.
The children need to learn proper behavior.
It would not be proper for you to borrow the ladder without asking first.
Definition 2:
Behaving in a way that is correct according to social or moral rules .

She is a very prim and proper young lady.
Definition 3:
Exactly correct .

Is this the proper spelling of your name?
proper punctuation
Definition 4:
Right or suitable for some purpose or situation .

He didn’t have the proper [=appropriate] training for the job.
You need to eat a proper meal instead of junk food.
Each step must be done in the proper order/sequence.
You need to get a proper [=real, decent] job.
Please put your shoes in their proper place. [=please put your shoes where they belong]
Definition 5:
used to emphasize that you are referring to the specific thing that is being named .

Her family lived outside the city proper. [=lived in an area that was close to the city but was not actually in the city]
Definition 6:
Complete or absolute .

I felt a proper fool after making that mistake.
We are in a proper mess now.

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