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Definition 1:
The bottom or lowest part of something :the part on which something rests or is supported usually singular often used figuratively .

The lamp has a heavy base.
He planted flowers around the stone’s base.
Make sure the base of the stove rests evenly on the floor.
The climbers established a camp at the base of the mountain. = The climbers established a base camp.
Although I disagreed with the book’s theoretical base [=basis, foundation], I couldn’t really find fault with its logic.
The tour was informative, thanks to the guide’s broad base of knowledge.
Definition 2:
Something (such as a group of people or things) that provides support for a place, business, etc. usually singular see also power base tax base.

At one time paper mills were the industrial base for the region.
The economic base of the village is tourism. [=tourism is the most important part of the village’s economy]
The company has a solid customer base. [=set of customers it can depend on]
The sport’s fan base [=group of fans] is growing.
Definition 3:
A main ingredient to which other things are added to make something usually singular .

The paint has a water base, not an oil base.
She uses chicken broth as the base of the soup.
Definition 4:
The main place in which a person works or lives or a business operates .

He uses his home as the base for his accounting business.
The company’s base is in London. = The company’s base of operations is (in) London. [=the company’s main offices are in London]
The band recently returned to its home base of Chicago after three months on tour.
Definition 5:
A place where a military force keeps supplies and where people in the military live and work count noncount see also air base.

Naval/military bases
The commander of the base = the base commander
The troops were ordered back to base.
Definition 6:
Any one of the four places a runner must touch in order to score count noncount compare home plate see also first base second base third base.

He threw the ball to the wrong base.
There’s a runner on base. [=there’s a runner on first, second, or third base]
The batter reached base on an error by the shortstop.
Definition 7:
A chemical that reacts with an acid to form a salt A base has a pH higher than 7. compare acid 1 ph.

Definition 8:
A number on which a system for counting and calculating is established usually singular .

Computers use a binary, or base 2, system, rather than the decimal, or base 10, system we usually use.

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