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Definition 1:
Able to do something :having the qualities or abilities that are needed to do something + of .

A new train capable of (reaching) very high speeds
Many new cell phones are capable of connecting to the Internet.
He is not capable of making those medical decisions himself. [=he cannot make the decisions by himself because he cannot think clearly, he is too sick, etc.]
I don’t believe that she’s capable of murder. [=that she is the kind of person who could murder someone]
A storm capable of (causing) widespread destruction
Definition 2:
Skilled at doing something :able to do something well Something that is in capable hands is being done or dealt with by someone who has the skill and knowledge to do it well. .

She is one of the most capable [=skilled] and versatile actresses in Hollywood.
A capable student
A very capable pilot
I will leave the store in your capable hands while I am gone.

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