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Definition 1:
The organ in your chest that pumps blood through your veins and arteries often used before another noun see picture at human see also coronary heart disease open-heart.

I could feel my heart pounding/racing.
He has a bad/weak heart.
He suffers from a heart condition.
heart failure/disease/surgery
A heart murmur
Aerobic exercise increases your heart rate. [=pulse]
Definition 2:
The front part of your chest .

He put his hand on his heart.
(literary) She clutched the child to her heart. [=breast, bosom]
Definition 3:
The heart thought of as the place where emotions are felt .

You shouldn’t let your heart rule your head. [=you should be guided by reason and not by your emotions]
When she heard the news, her heart filled with joy/sorrow.
You’re a man after my own heart. [=we have similar likes and dislikes]
He offered to help us out of the goodness of his heart. [=because he is a good person and not because he wanted to get anything for himself]
He wears his heart on his sleeve. [=he shows his emotions very openly]
She’s not too smart, but at least her heart is in the right place. [=she is a kind person who is trying to do good things]
I just didn’t have the heart to tell her that I didn’t like her singing. [=I couldn’t tell her because I knew that she would be hurt by what I said]
The idea struck fear into their hearts. [=made them very afraid]
I decided to follow my heart [=to do what I truly wanted to do] and take up acting.
My heart goes out to [=I feel very sorry for] the families of the victims.
Her heart’s desire [=greatest wish] was to become a movie star.
She just couldn’t find it in her heart to forgive them.
I felt in my heart that our relationship was never meant to be.
I think she knows in her heart that they’re right. = I think she knows it in her heart of hearts. [=she knows it even though she does not want to admit it]
They said they’d try to fix the problem, but I could see that their hearts (just) weren’t in it. [=they did not really feel much interest or enthusiasm about doing it]
Definition 4:
A kind or generous feeling for other people noncount count see also change of heart heart-to-heart lonely hearts.

A ruler without heart
A ruler without a heart
He has a kind heart. [=he treats people kindly]
He has a cold/hard heart. [=he treats people in a harsh or unfriendly way]
She has a big heart. = She is all heart. = She has a heart of gold. [=she is a very kind person]
She has a heart of stone. [=she does not care at all about the feelings of other people]
Have a heart! Can’t you see he needs help?
Definition 5:
Feelings of love or affection .

It’s best not to interfere in matters/affairs of the heart. [=romantic matters/affairs]
He was determined to win/steal/capture her heart. [=to win her love]
Definition 6:
Emotional strength that allows you to continue in a difficult situation .

The team has shown a lot of heart.
Definition 7:
The central or most important part of something .

Deep in the heart of the forest
Their offices are in the heart of the city.
Let’s get right to the heart of the matter.
Definition 8:
The central part of some vegetables .

Artichoke hearts
cabbage hearts
Definition 9:
A shape that looks like a simple drawing of a heart and that is used as a symbol of love and affection .

The child decorated the card with hearts and flowers.
Definition 10:
A playing card that is marked with a red heart see picture at playing card.

One heart, two diamonds, and two clubs
Definition 11:
The suit in a deck of playing cards that consists of cards marked by hearts compare club diamond spade.

The king of hearts

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