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Definition 1:
The weight or force that is produced when something presses or pushes against something else noncount singular see also blood pressure.

Keep steady pressure on the cap as you turn it. [=press on the cap as you turn it]
Apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding.
The pressure of the compressed air inside the chamber
High/low water pressure [=a force that makes a flow of water strong/weak]
Check the car’s tire pressure. [=the amount of air inside the tires]
The contents of the bottle are under pressure. [=the contents are tightly pressed into the bottle]
The animal’s jaws can exert a pressure of more than 750 pounds per square inch.
Definition 2:
The action of pressing or pushing against something .

The horse will respond to the slightest pressure of a rider’s knee.
The fruit yields to gentle pressure when it’s ripe.
Definition 3:
The weight of the air in the Earth’s atmosphere .

The normal air pressure at sea level
Atmospheric pressure
Pressure fell [=the air became lighter] as the storm approached.
An area of high/low pressure [=heavy/light air] is moving over the west coast.
Definition 4:
The force that you feel when people are trying to persuade or force you to do something by using arguments, threats, etc. noncount count see also peer pressure.

He felt pressure from his father to become a doctor. = His father put pressure on him to become a doctor. [=his father was trying to persuade/force him to become a doctor]
The mayor is under pressure to resign. [=people are trying to force the mayor to resign]
He gave in to the social pressures to act and dress like everybody else.
She felt a constant pressure to earn more money.
Definition 5:
A feeling of stress or anxiety because you have too much to do or because people are depending on you for something count noncount see also high-pressure.

She was dealing with the pressures of everyday life.
Can he handle the pressure of the job?
She’s been experiencing a lot of pressure at work lately.
They both work well under pressure. [=they work well when the job is stressful]
Her job is high pressure. [=her job is very stressful]

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