Clumsy Wicket-keeper Breaks Trophy

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Definition 1:
Not graceful :clumsy .

She is awkward at dancing.
He had large feet and his walk was awkward and ungainly.
An awkward movement
The story contained some awkward writing.
Definition 2:
Lacking skill .

She is an awkward writer.
Definition 3:
Difficult to use or handle .

The machine is very awkward to operate.
An awkward tool
The box isn’t heavy but it has an awkward shape and size. [=its shape and size make it difficult to carry]
Definition 4:
Not easy to deal with .

It was an awkward [=embarrassing] moment for everyone.
I often find myself in awkward situations.
He was put in the awkward position of having to write the memo.
There was an awkward pause in the conversation.
Definition 5:
Not socially graceful or confident :uneasy or uncomfortable .

I feel awkward (about) having to ask you to help.
He feels awkward with/around strangers.

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