Clubs Held By United Previously

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Definition 1:
One time only .

I will repeat the question once.
We try to get together (at least) once every month.
The play was performed only once.
He had ridden a horse only once (before).
We go to the movies once or twice a month. [=we go to the movies a few times a month]
I’ve only seen her once or twice. [=I have only seen her a few times]
Definition 2:
At any one time :ever .

She didn’t once thank me.
He didn’t look at me once.
Definition 3:
At some time in the past sometimes used in combination .

It was once done that way.
A river once flowed through this canyon.
It was once a booming mining town.
Their music was once very popular.
A once-successful actor
A once-popular restaurant

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