Clever Or Smart

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Definition 1:
Not messy :clean and orderly .

He keeps his apartment neat and clean.
neat handwriting
The store is always busy but they manage to keep the shelves stocked and neat.
A nice neat pile of magazines
Try to be a little neater [=try not to make such a mess] the next time you bake cookies.
Fold the paper to make a neat edge.
Definition 2:
Liking to keep things very clean and orderly .

His two roommates are both pretty neat people. [=they both like to have things cleaned up and put away]
A neat man who always wore a suit
Definition 3:
Simple and clever .

A neat trick
He’s got a neat way of memorizing information.
There is, unfortunately, no neat solution to the problem.
Definition 4:
Pleasant, fun, or interesting .

I think it’s a neat idea [=a good idea] to invite the new neighbors to the cookout.
She’s a neat person who has traveled a lot.
Definition 5:
Not mixed with anything :made without ice or water added .

I like my bourbon/whiskey neat. [=(US) straight]

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