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Definition 1:
A group of students who meet regularly to be taught a subject or activity In U.S. English, class is used with a singular verb. In British English, class can also be used with a plural verb. .

There are 20 students in the class.
Several people in the class are absent today.
The class is going on a field trip.
The class are going on a field trip.
Definition 2:
A series of meetings in which students are taught a particular subject or activity :a course of instruction .

This class is really difficult.
He will be teaching an American history class next semester.
The college offers classes in computer programming and engineering.
She is taking a class on psychology.
taking dance class
What classes are you taking this semester?
Definition 3:
One of the meetings in which students are taught a particular subject or activity count noncount .

I have an English class this morning.
My class got out early today.
I have already missed two classes.
Read chapters 10 through 20 for the next class.
I’m late for class.
Let’s meet after class.
Class starts at 8:00 a.m.
What did you learn in class today?
He got in trouble for talking during/in class.
Definition 4:
A group of students who finish their education at a particular school at the same time :students who graduate together .

She’s a member of the class of 2006.
The freshman class [=the group of students who are freshmen this year and will eventually graduate together]
She’s running for class president.
Definition 5:
A group of people in a society who are at the same economic and social level often used before another noun .

The ruling/professional class
The higher/lower social classes
class distinctions
A class struggle
Definition 6:
The way people in a society are divided into different social and economic groups .

A discussion about class and race
Definition 7:
A quality that makes something or someone seem special and attractive see also first-class high-class world-class.

The hotel has class. [=it is very elegant]
The candles on the table added a touch of class.
Definition 8:
A quality that makes someone seem very good, kind, etc. see also class act classy.

She showed a lot of class by donating her prize money to charity.
Definition 9:
A group of people or things that are similar in some way If you are in a class by yourself or in a class of your own, you are very different from others in a good or bad way. .

Do you have a license to drive this class of vehicle?
A new class [=kind, type] of nuclear submarine
There are many good players here, but she is in a different class altogether. [=she is far better than the other good players]
There have been a lot of corporate scandals but this one is in a class by itself. [=worse than all the others]
As an architect, she is in a class by herself. [=she has exceptional talent as an architect]
Definition 10:
One of the sections of seats on an airplane, train, etc. see also first class second class third class tourist class.

I am traveling business class. [=in a section of an airplane that is more comfortable and expensive than the main section but less comfortable and expensive than first class]
Definition 11:
One of the levels of a university degree.

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