Care Of Circulating Money’s All About It!

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Definition 1:
The process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought in a country or region .

The war altered the country’s economy.
An increase in tourism will help the city’s economy.
We currently have a strong/weak economy. [=many/few goods and services are being produced, sold, and bought]
The Mexican economy = Mexico’s economy
The world/global economy
The region’s fishing/information/retail economy
People are worried about (the state of) the economy. [=their country’s economy]
Changes in the economy
Definition 2:
Careful use of money, resources, etc. .

We must learn to practice economy.
A writer known for her economy of language [=her careful use of language; her use of only the words that are most necessary]
Cars with better fuel economy [=cars that use less fuel]
Definition 3:
Something that makes it possible for you to spend less money count noncount .

We’ll also benefit from the economies provided by more efficient energy sources.
Mass production creates economies of scale. [=situations in which it costs less to produce something because you are producing a lot at one time]
Using cheap materials proved to be a false economy. [=it cost less at first but resulted in more money being spent later]
It would be false economy to repair the leak without replacing the pipe.

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