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Definition 1:
The hard outer covering of an animal, insect, etc., that protects it count noncount see also seashell tortoiseshell.

A turtle’s shell
The shell of a crab
We collected shells at the beach.
Jewelry made of shell
Definition 2:
The hard outer covering of an egg :eggshell count noncount .

Broken shells
A piece of shell
Definition 3:
The hard outer covering of a nut, fruit, or seed count noncount .

A coconut shell
Pieces of walnut shell
Definition 4:
Something (such as pasta) that is shaped like a shell .

We’re going to have stuffed shells for dinner.
Definition 5:
The hard outer structure of a building, car, airplane, etc. usually singular .

The shell of an unfinished house
The shell of an airplane
The building was just a bombed-out shell.
Definition 6:
A hard or crisp piece of bread, dough, etc., that is used to hold a filling .

A pastry/pie shell
Taco/tortilla shells
Definition 7:
A metal case that is filled with an explosive and that is shot from a cannon .

Mortar shells
Definition 8:
A metal tube that you put into a gun and that holds an explosive and a bullet :cartridge .

The police found several spent shells at the scene of the shooting.
Definition 9:
used in phrases that describe becoming less shy and more willing to talk to other people .

Making new friends helped her come out of her shell. = Making new friends brought her out of her shell.
Definition 10:
used in phrases that describe becoming quieter, less active, etc. .

He lost confidence in himself and retreated/withdrew into his shell.

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